Winter Fashion: Sinful Clothing



Hey Sinner! Yes, it’s been a really long week! So are looking for an escape into the woods or just some downtime with your buddies? Whether you’re embracing your adventurous mode or kicking back at home, here are a few winter fashion tips!

Most people associate denims with winter due to their tendency to make you feel warm and comfortable. The real reason why denims are most preferred in winter is because they don’t need to be washed as often as other woolen or cotton clothes. Denims are prone to the worst climate changes and provide protection in all weathers.

This is also one of the top reasons why denim is the most manufactured fabric in the world.


Black Denims

Black denims are arguably the key trend for 2016. Monochrome stubborn dressing offers the easiest way to pull off denim on denim. It leaves no space for confusion on how to match your colours or washes and what cut of jeans to go for.

With high elastane content, these jeans don’t lose their shape or shift from skinny to straight fit after a few rounds in the washing machine.

However, if a stretch skinny style makes you look like you’ve tried to force yourself into them, then try opting for a pair of slim jeans – they offer a smart look without making you feel restrictive.3

Denims and Jackets

For the full indie/grunge hybrid look, try combining your denims with a black jacket, plaid shirt and a white crew-neck t-shirt.
If you prefer a more formal look, you could even team your denims with a crisp white shirt and blazer/leather jacket. Throw in a pair of loafers for the complete semi-formal look.


Low Cost, High Quality Denim

Most of us tend to spend copious amounts on denims since they last us longer than other purchases. However, there are multiple brands known for their high-quality fabric and pocket-friendly prices! Scout around for these brands before you hit the fancy stores.

Stay tuned for our February Fashion Trends.




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