This is what denim means and the story behind it


Denim is a life-saver for casual outings whether you’re going out with your friends to a party or headed to camping under the stars. It is the favoured choice because of its widely available colors,materials and durability.

The Denim cloth is dyed in Indigo dye and then washed with elements such as stones to give it a rugged look and make it look more fashionable


When it was first designed it was a used to make work clothes and tough clothing and now today it is used for everything from casual bags and skirts to denim jackets and other fashionable clothes. The line pattern on your denim is the result of finely interwoven yarns of cotton and indigo dyed fabric.


Dry or raw denim (contrasted with “washed denim”) is denim that is not washed after having been dyed during production. Over time, denim will usually fades away, while some consider this look desirable other prefer to keep their denims dark. fading usually occurs on those parts of the jeans that receive the most stress.

In a pair of jeans, these parts include the upper thighs, the ankles, and the areas behind the knees.


The history of denim

The name is derived from serge de Nimes, which is a small town located in France. Originally, it was a strong material made from wool but later was made solely from cotton.


Denims were first used for their strength and casual appeal by miners in America and Europe

They needed a strong fabric that didn’t tear after hard laborious work and denim became the solution


Soon after Denim factories were setup and now has booned into a huge clothing industry. Today denim is proved to be the first choice for consumer of any kind, and is the single most used fabric in the world.




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