Street Style: Skateboarding Fashion



This week is all about outdoor sports and outdoor fashion inspired by Skateboarding and street wear for comfort, utility and style. Skate boarding fashion is the perfect blend of smart street wear with great functionality and comfort, This is also hard to pull off and needs you to really rock this attire. Here are the top 5 street styles you should be wearing right away



  1. Loose black cotton t-shirt with light brown jeans and get the simple yet sinful look in you. Black shirt to warm you up in the day and yet keep you cool as you skate past obstacles.



  1. Oversized leather jacket with a black alphabet printed hoodie and loose t-shirt underneath with stone washed Denim mid-cut denims.


Try this combination out for the balance between style and mobility while skate boarding. Ideally preferable for night and evening skateboarding as leather jacket will keep you warm and ready for some action.

  1. Black on black style with black printed tight fit t-shirt and slim fit Stubborn Black Sin Denim jeans and abstract printed Cap



Will make you look like someone not to mess with and make your bold statement.

  1. Full sleeve long hand brown sweater hood with White chino collar white shirt and blue denims and patterned hoodie


Old school and new funk had a baby this is what it would dress like, This is a very trendy look and has the perfect charm of a skateboarder.


  1. Brown folded khadi sleeve shirt with dark acid-washed denims for simple yet sophisticated look


Don’t think just because you haven’t seen anyone in it, it won’t look good. Fusing high fashion with Street style is one of the hardest looks to pull off however this will elevate your style to a new level. Which style do you like the most and would prefer to wear let us know in the comments below


Also, read how you can RIP your own denims to elevate your street fashion

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