DIY Ripped Denims

As much as it may come as shock to you, ripped denim aren’t a new trend in fashion, in fact  the style dates way back to the mid – 1980s. Retailers have taken a new interest in creating these old rugged jeans with broken strands and bare knee holes.shutterstock_224535736

Step 1: Choose a jeans that fits you well
Don’t worry about the color, size or fit. However we recommend you try this on an old pair of jeans before you turn to your new jeans. Wash your denims in hot water and add a little bleach to give it that old look that!


Step 2: Getting the equipment
Get a few distressing items like sandpaper, paint remover block and some steel wool. Do not forget a cutting blade, pair of scissors and some duct tape.


Step 3: Marking and Measuring
Wear the jeans and use a chalk or some duct tape to mark the space that covers your knees and the area above and below it. This helps in understanding which part of the jeans you have to rip.



Step 4 : Distress your denim
Use sandpaper, steel wool or a razor and rub them against your jeans. Don’t over-do it because it might harm the fabric and color of your denim.


Step 5: Cutting and Threading
Take a pair of scissor or a knife and to start making lines from the marked spots on the denim. Use the edge and not the tip of the knife. Scrape the marked area horizontally and slowly until you see the white threads on the inner side of denim.
Once you see the threads, take out your tweezers and start fraying each individual strand one by one until enough is taken off.


Step 6:  Washing
This step is a bonus for those who wish to add more volume to their threading. Take some warm water and wash your ribbed denims. This will add more volume to the threads and give them a more rugged look.



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