4 Denim Trends to follow in 2016


Throw the “rule book” out the window that claims you can only wear light colour jeans in the spring and summer. Light washed denim sure, looks more summery, but may not be the best bet if you’re heading to the office or out on that date you’ve been nervously waiting to go on. Some events require you to wear something darker. We’ve got you covered in this case too. The only rule to follow is that your jeans should fit well. That means it is time to toss out anything you have that is labelled:  baggy, boxy, extra relaxed. We do not mean you need to go the skinny route (but go for it if you can), but slim-to-straight-legged is a fit you usually cannot go wrong with.

Distressed Denims:

This season it’s all about sulphur washes and over dye treatments for that authentic, lived-in look. Rips are also becoming more and more extreme, with double-knee slashes and holes.



Relaxed fits (Not Extra Relaxed):

The warmer months are the time to take things easy. A key style for this season is the more relaxed, straight or tapered fit. Slim, skinny and spray-on styles might continue to dominate the industry, but that’s precisely why the menswear pendulum is swinging in the other direction.


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In other words, denim with added interests. Not (necessarily) rhinestone butterflies. Maybe it’s the necessary corollary to the trend for extreme distressing, but patchwork is becoming more common. And not just to prevent your jeans from falling apart, but also as a means of making your jeans your own through badges and other decoration.




This summer, the fashion forecast is bright. Again. White denim is the one colour to watch. It works well with summer’s predominance of neutral colours as a clean alternative to a basic chino.

Adding some white to your rotation also gives you another fail-safe option for pulling off a double-denim look without having to worry about shades of blue mixing into one another or sweltering in black at the height of summer. Plus it’ll enhance that tan you are having.


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