10 Fashion resolutions you need to make in 2016


2016 has started and before you begin making resolutions, we give you some ideas that will help you avoid fashion mistakes from the previous year.

1. Go for Quality, not Quantity


This year don’t buy the same old pairs of denims that make you look like the good guy, save some dough and get some slick dark denims that will up your fashion quotient.

2. Shop consciously


Don’t support any brand that you know nothing about. Know where your denims come from, everything is just a Google away.

3. Reuse, Recycle and Reduce

giphy (10)

This year make new style choices, try pairing new and old styles like the retro light denims with a white pattern shirt or RIP YOUR OWN DENIMS

4. Stop following fashion rules

giphy (3)

So what if Denims aren’t meant to go with  waist coats. Try a new fashion pair like the washed up denims over a light-coloured leather jacket and follow your own style.

5. Save when shopping


It is wise that you don’t spend all your money on over-priced clothes or waste it on one type. Invest in well-priced clothing and try new stuff from local brands.

6. Stop falling for every trend


No bell-bottoms are not coming back in trend anytime soon! Do not blindly start following them. Some trends are just not meant to be.

7. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style

giphy (6)

We all know that some of the best styles are usually not comfortable for regular usage. Just make sure your denims don’t irritate your skin after a while.

8. Make sure your clothes actually fit


Try the changing room rather than blindly guessing what will look good on you, nobody likes to see loose fit denims. Look your boldest with denims that actually fit your body well.

9. Take care of your Clothes


Don’t be lazy to wash your clothes. Remember, take care of your clothes because they take care of your style.

10. Have fun with fashion


Rock your sinful look and be confident while sporting it. Remember, looking good is the ultimate goal of fashion.

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