Xtreme biking stunts


Get Xtreme in style with these sinful biking stunts. A leather jacket paired with kickass denims is what you need for living it up with stunts!


Get the ladies to swoon with this super bike trick! Sport a pair of worn out denims for the ultimate style statement.


Picture credits:  Hrishikesh Mandke


Also called an endo, this balancing act will earn you killer brownie points with your biker buddies. A biking jacket paired with dark denims will get all the crowds to stare at you while performing this trick.


Picture credits: Hrishikesh Mandke


Get everyone to feel the heat with this kickass stunt. Show off your power with the beastly machine throttling and smoking up beneath you. Make sure to wear a pair of sturdy denims to help you keep going for this stunt.


Picture credits: Tejas Jadhav


This one is for the sinners with swag. Get your balancing act on, on top of a bike in motion and draw all the stares towards you. This act calls for a serious style statement made with black denims and a leather jacket.


Picture credits: @Clintonmaniac

The Lazy boy

Don’t be fooled by the easy going name of the stunt, this one is about as xtreme as it gets with the rider laying flat on the bike while it’s up in the air. Sport a pair of well fitted denims to give you all the flexibility to perform this stunt while you’re up in the air!

Lazy boy


Not for the faint hearted, this stunt involves Hanging from the bars with one’s feet while doing a 12 O’clock. Wearing a pair of raw denims while doing this crazy stunt will get you all the eyeballs! And don’t forget to pad up.



This stunt requires some serious daring. Fly through the air with your bike in this death defying stunt. Wear a pair of stretchy denims to help you fly through the air without trouble.


The superman

The Xtreme meter is super high on this one. Be a superhero by flying parallel to your bike through the air, and a superhero needs super style found with a pair of kickass jeans!

The superman

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