Flirt With Dirt

Sin welcomes AW’ 14 with an innovation that caters to youth who live 24×7 in denims,              “FOREVER – ON”.

Today’s youth are a different tribe. With high aspirations, they lead a multi-faceted lifestyle.  Outdoor activities and adventurous excursions are a big interest to them. Clubbing these with their busy study/work schedules are labeling them as backpackers. Taking these insights and targeting to a “USE MORE, WASH LESS” culture driven youth, SIN has specially designed “Forever – On” denims that pep up his active lifestyle.

These denims are treated and washed with special Nano Silver antimicrobial particles, which act as a shield that inhabits the growth of bacteria caused due to the sweat and odor from the skin. So the denims can now be worn for longer periods and will still stay fresh even after 25 repeated wears. The core of SIN denims is about comfort with innovations in style to match the new age consumer needs.

A smartly designed creative campaign compliments the core idea of “USE MORE, WASH LESS”, highlighting the carefreeness of enjoying the adventurous activities by befriending “dirt”.


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