Here’s Why We Think It’s Perfectly Alright To SIN!

Brace yourself for a scorching summer with the absolutely sinful SS16 collection.

Everyone is looking for that something perfect. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, when it comes to denims, you need to find your fit, and when you do, there’s no way you’re looking for anything else. After all, how often do you find a pair of jeans that fits your body, your budget and your needs perfectly? Our guess is not often. This is exactly why we’ve all been called to SIN.


Now, we really don’t think there is a need to clarify that for you—we’re sure you’ve seen the hoardings and have heard the buzz about the brand. And guess what, SIN is definitely here to stay! Why? Because in the time SIN been around, they’ve created quite a stir in the market, and people can’t seem to get enough. For one, the originality behind the name is what gets us—there’s something tempting in the forbidden. But that’s not where the appeal ends.

Let us explain: If you’re looking for denims that bring you an international look and feel, you’ve come to the right place. SIN is the product of the creative collaboration of Clothing Culture and Italy’s premier fashion house, Studio Moda Creativa, in Milan. So what makes this three-year-old brand deserve a place among the big names in the market?

How about we let their SS16 collection answer that question for you? A little head’s up—this wide collection is hotter than ever! What does SIN have in store for you? From irresistible new silhouettes in the best premium washes and the softest fabrications in subtle, earthy tones, you won’t want to go anywhere without them, a new twist on silhouettes and subtle design details —you’re sure to come across a style that you’ll instantly make a favorite.

Here are some of the hot looks this season:

Danzel – Skinny Fit

The skinny jean will never go out of style. Whether you’re going in for the spray-on variety or the regular one, there’s no denying that this fit is here to stay. The important thing to remember is know how to wear it. Now, SIN does have rather stylish shirts and tees to choose from. So what’s stopping you?

Lucifer – Slim Fit

Lucifer, is undoubtedly, one of SIN’s hottest fits. Now, the slim fit denim is a staple in most closets, and for good reason! They give you that casual, down-to-earth look with just the right bit of edge. Could you really ask for a better way to up your “bad-boy” quotient?



The fact remains, SIN is a premium denim brand that brings you INTERNATIONAL designs at affordable prices. You can get the perfect fit, latest cuts styles and, customized for the Indian Male, all at an absolute steal.

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