Anything For Denim


We all love our pair of denims, don’t we? They are the most comfortable and chic pair of clothing which are so accessible. Most of us rock our pair of denims with almost any look (ethnic and western). We held a contest to know what you can do for your denims and asked you to share with us your denim stories or share pictures with us with your favourite pair. Here are the stories we liked the most.


For Sarath his denims are his companions during his long and gruelling travels. He has been more comfortable in his pair of Sin denims than anything else when he has long outdoors. Here is what he has to say about what he can do for denims and how Sin denims is a part of his journey –

“For Sin Denim, I can go to any extent – be it the highest altitudes or extreme cold places braving the weather & height. I have been wearing your denims when I went to Leh-Ladakh and here are some pictures.”








While denims become a part of someone’s journey, for someone they become a part of their lives, their stories. Following is a nostalgic piece of story shared by Karri VinodKumar –

“I am feeling nostalgic now.

In my 4th Standard I had come across denim-jeans and was obsessed with it. Did not know how to buy it. Neither did my parents. Up until then I used to wear stitched fabric. This was the first time to go #Readymade! I, however, thought I should surprise my mother and father on my birthday which would be exactly after 10 days. I went to my neighbour who was travelling to Rajasthan and would come back before my birthday. I broke my piggybank and gave her my savings of about Rs.200, to get me a jeans. And she did!


That soft blue colour, the ruggedness and that perfect fit! The feeling was great and then on my birthday, I just was wearing my stitched formals and then I took some time to go in and change. When I came out, VOILA, everyone was surprised! Till date, I do not do away with any of my jeans unless they become too worn out to use again.


USP: Jeans Never Die!”


After all denim is a way of life and the beauty of denim lies in its versatility, making you feel comfortable and stylish.

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